I have had some great people on the boat over the years. This is what some of my more recent visitors are saying. Please feel free to add your comments and experiences below.

Kerry is the man. I catch 2 fish at a time when I fish with him. Big ones too.

Two buts at once

Two buts at once

– Dean Bentley, Gig Harbor

One couldn’t find a more happily infectious Capt than Kerry. His love for the water and the sport of fishing is second to none.

Washington Tuna Charter YT

– Harold Whitehead, Puyallup

Tuna fishing with Capt Kerry is the most fun I’ve ever had fishing. Not only is he highly knowledgeable, he also cares very much that you have an all around great fishing experience. I will go again and again with him.


tuners 006

– Chris Schenk, Bonny Lake



Best day of fishing ever ! Kerry is a great Captain!


Phil Clark – Enumclaw

That was a long day – we were freekin exhausted….but one of the best days fishing I’ve ever had!

Al Passero – Gig Harbor


Hi Captain Kerry,
          I wanted to write you a note to thank Captain Brian and Captain Patrick for an amazing first time Tuna experience. I wish we Westport Tuna Charterhad more pictures to share, but with all the fish we were catching, we didn’t really have much time to snap pictures. We left the harbor around 6am, and had filled the boat with 41 fish by 11:00am. All of us are ruined for other types of fishing. The action on Albacore is unlike anything else any of us had experienced.
                There are some tips I think would be helpful to add to your website for first time Tuna anglers. 1) Bring clothes you won’t mind throwing away, there will be massive amounts of blood on board. 2) You will want to spend the night in Westport after a day of Tuna fishing, we were back to dock by 2, and everyone in our group was passed out by 7pm. We had great laid plans of poker tournaments and beer, but those fish fight so hard, we were all wiped out. We drove in early that morning from Seattle and there’s no way we could have driven back that night. 3) Be prepared to never want to do another kind of fishing charter again. Why catch 2 Salmon per person when you can catch upwards of 10 Tuna? Plus the fight on these things is legendary. I swear I spent 15-20 minutes on some of these fish. I couldn’t believe these things were bigger…these fish are so damn strong!

Jason Lum – Seattle


brian 068

Its bad azz! We caught 42 in less than 2 1/2 hrs with offshore northwest!


Wade Lafontaine – Stanwood, Washington




Fishing with Capt. Kerry on the “Lucky Dog” was BY FAR the Best Tuna trip I have been on. The Fishing was off the Hook, and it was a tough day for ALL the charters. But Capt. Kerry kept at it. We kept the lures and Teasers wet, and it paid off in Spades. We would pick up a fish or two on the troll, then start tossing anchovies in the water and it was “Game On” after that TOTALLY Insane bait stops. There were 14 Albi’s on a Blood covered Deck and Crew on our last “Bait Stop”. 33 beautiful TANK albacore was the final tally. Thanks Again Kerry for a AWESOME day. Can’t wait to do it again.
-Kurtis Hughes