Washington Tuna Chick

The most popular trip is Westport Tuna. It is also the highest yield. Each Westport tuna run is approximately 100 miles round trip. Add to that trolling time several hundred pounds of tuna, bait and ice. It is easy to see why this is the highest cost trip. And once you catch a few of these little missiles on live bait you will agree it’s worth every penny.

For trolling up Westport tuna we use the same stout American made Seeker rods that we use for halibut. Equipped with Avet HX series reels (made in the USA) these rigs are perfect for these insanely hard-hitting tuna. When we hook up we throw chum and get out the live bait gear. Custom made Seeker bait rods and Avet MX and SX reels, 65 lb braided line, top shots of 30 lb fluorocarbon (all made in the USA), and a #2 ringed Gamacatsu hook.



I encourage you to call me at 253-380-9973, get the mobile app or Email me here with a number and a good time to call when you have a few minutes and we can get to know each other a bit. I will try to update the who I am page with commonly asked questions as we go but please feel free to call. My favorite thing to do on land is talk about fishing, ok maybe second favorite, so call me 253-380-9973. If I don’t answer leave a message with a number and a time.


We will do Run and Gun Tuna runs on select dates between July 5 and October 10. July is typically the build up month, although last year it went on like a switch and we caught big numbers (of BIG fish) right away. August and September are the best and we will have lots of days where we “Plug the Boat”. I have had some great days in October when we can get out but the weather usually turns before the fishing dies off. When you call or Email have a date range in mind and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.


Run and Gun Tuna Charter:

Price includes tax, bait, gear and a nice boat ride to the fish and back.

Anglers Price deposit
6 $2250.00 $600
5 $1975.00 $500
Washington tuna charter Chicks4 $1580.00 $400
3 $1185.00 $300
2 $790.00 $200
1 $395.00 $100

Westport Tuna Charter








There are lots of ways to get a hold of me so call or Text (253)-380-9973, get the mobile app, send an E-Mail here or fill out the easy form below and…

Lets Go Get Some!!

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