Q: How many did you get?

A: Lots

A: all of them

A: enough

IMG_20150724_140951You may have noticed we have stopped answering this question. We are also trying to avoid the pictures of gratuitous piles of Albacore Tuna dead on the deck of our 28 foot Parker boat.

There are a few reasons for this but the most important is responsibility. Tuna fishing is like a drug. We all get caught up in the action and it is really hard to stop when you know you could get more. The “Take” is incredible. The pull at 30 mph is awesome. The entire experience makes you want to do it again and again. Unfortunately Albacore Tuna are warm-blooded animals and as such need to be bled and iced down right away or the meat is ruined for consumption. So we can only catch what we can ice and we can only carry a limited amount of ice.IMG951487

Secondly, we can only process so many in a reasonable amount of time. We are pretty good at it so we can do quite a few but there is a limit to what we can do here.

We also have the problem of perception. People watch us and can’t differentiate between albacore and endangered bluefin tuna. These people see us taking big numbers while restrictions are being placed on companies and people based on impact to “Tuna Stocks”. This is how we end up with limits and other restrictions.

The fact is Albacore tuna are natures perfect game fish. They have small stomachs and high metabolisms so they eat voraciously and often. They live a relatively short lifespan and breed like rabbits on the run. More on that here. The reality is Albacore tuna are one of the most sustainable fisheries on the planet, There are lots.

IMG_20150714_201814The biggest reason we don’t really want to talk numbers of fish anymore is that every angler is different. Every day we go out with six different anglers with varying degrees of experience and ability. Some days those anglers can catch 15 and be happy as heck to have had the opportunity and have a great time. Other days our anglers will fill the boat and they also have a great time. The important thing is everyone has a great time aboard the “Lucky Dog” with Offshore Northwest Charters. We are all about having fun and that can’t be measured by how many fish we caught.

So you will not see the pics of lots and lots of tuna anymore, well maybe occasionally. What you will see is lots and lots of happy anglers with big smiles and fish. I promise, there will be no shortage of fish pictures. It’s not about how many it’s about how much fun!!


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry
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