Yes boys and girls the Westport Tuna have arrived in a big way. Westport tuna charterThey are still a bit of a hike away but with our newer faster boat they are easily within range.

So all you people who have been writing and calling to ask me to “Let me know when they get here”, here is your call:

The Westport Tuna are here


So call and set up your adventure before July is sold out too.

brian first tuna 2014For all the hunters that thought Westport Tuna fishing was impossible because it happens in the fall (hunting season)”

Now is your chance

July is not always like this. Often it is pick a few here and there and the fishing picks up as the season goes. This year we hit 25 on the first run and had to stop because we weren’t prepared to catch a full load. We could have done a lot more. This is going to be a great July, you want to be a part of it.

Call NOW:





Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry
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