Westport tuna fishing is off the hook this year. Usually in July we have hit and miss fishing with some good days and some slow days. The fish generally start out a little smaller and they run deep and can be a challenge to bring up.seeker1

This year….not so much.

This year we are seeing good numbers of LARGE fish. Saturday we caught 33 and had to leave feeding fish because we couldn’t properly store anymore.

We had an awesome crew this Saturday including Kimber Roberts of the Portland Sportsman’s Warehouse.


It was a beautiful sunrise as we loaded up the Parker 2820, SEEKER Rods/Avet Reels and headed west for the tuna grounds at about 33MPH. We had all heard stories of loaded boats from the day before and we were feeling very excited about the prospects.

The morning started a little slow with only three fish in the first couple hours. 7-26-14firstthreeThis was disappointing after the stories we had heard but radio chatter said it was the same for everyone. This tells me the fish just aren’t feeding, but they will. Tuna have high metabolisms and small stomachs. They fill up and stop for a while, then come up and feed again.7-26-14gaffready


We trolled around a bit and hit another troll fish. This converted to a long (hour and a half) bait stop where we caught two’s and threes at a time. When it would slow down we would through a little chum and “Fish On!!!”. When it finally ended we had 16 more fish on board and 19 total.


After this bait stop died, we went back on the hunt with the troll gear. We stayed around the area a while but it was obvious we had lost the school. We trolled toward some good reports for a bit. we all felt pretty satisfied with what we had done and were going to give it another half hour or so and call it a day.

Call today!!!!!



Then it happened. We hit on a Mexican flag colored clone. We had lots of bait left so I started chumming big scoops of bait. This drove the tuna nuts. We had Tuna jumping all around the boat. In front, behind, 10 feet on either side, it was just like September.

Call today!!!!!


DEEPCOLORWe were watching tuna swim out from under the boat and grab our anchovies. There is only one thing cooler than a live bait take and that is actually watching it happen. It was awesome. peter1We caught 14 tuna in a very short time and quickly got to the point where we couldn’t store anymore. And, these fish were TANKS!!!! Big fish and lots of them. We got back late. My kids helped the deckhand Cory cark all the fish and the customers went home very happy and exhausted.

This year is shaping up to be huge Westport tuna fishing year. You don’t want to miss action like this. There is still a couple of dates left in August and a few in September. But they are going fast.

Call today!!!!!


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry
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