Here is where you will find videos we make while out in the blue out of Westport and Lapush as well as videos from others that I think people will find interesting. Whales, dolphins, halibut and tuna fishing videos. I will also be adding video information you will need to know for our adventure.

Fishin’ trips Heroes:

Rock The House:


Lucky Dog:

This is an AWESOME!! video that one of my customers made. It is about 9 minutes long but worth watching till the end. The last couple minutes are epic.


two of our guys didn’t show up so I sent the boat with Capt. Brian, Cory the deckhand and my buddy Jeff. It was Awesome!!!

Epic September bait stop

This was an awesome day with a great crew

Westport Dolphins:

This was not a great day for tuna fishing but the dolphins were cool.


This is a video from Waterlust. These guys do some great work.

Salmon for Soldiers trip 2014

One of the best things about being a charter is I get to do stuff like this. Last year I donated a trip for two to the Salmon for Soldiers event in Everett. They gave the trip to the soldier with the biggest fish, which was awesome. It took us a bit to get things worked out but we finally got to take him and his friends a few days ago. It was an awesome day. This video is just a sample of the fun.

Westport Live Bait Tuna Fishing

This is a great video from a group of “Tuna Virgins” I took out last year for Westport live bait tuna fishing. We caught 30 Tuna, and probably lost 20. It’s a very steep learning curve for the first few minutes but once these guys figured it out it was game on. I like to say Westport live bait tuna fishing is a “team sport”. Unlike Salmon or Halibut fishing, Tuna fishing requires the entire crew to move around each other and work together to make the boat successful.

These guys were great!!

Here’s one from Fish Panama