Rant on.

Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing

I just read the proposals from North of Falcon and apparently there will be no Chinook retention in Area 10 at all. I don’t know who was responsible for this but I don’t see how this can be considered a collaborative decision. And before you net ban people start getting fired up there will not be a non-tribal net fishery either so you can’t blame them. The good news is there are going to be lots of pinks to retain while you are catching and releasing all those nice kings. woopedy doo!!!

I am very disappointed. The process has let us down, again.

Rant off.

Gig Harbor Salmon charters

On the other hand our outlook off the coast of Washington is awesome and the same people that cut you guys off are increasing our quota over last year so we can expect another year of Banner Chinook fishing out of Westport.


To help my brothers and sisters from area 10 out I have decided I am going to offer a special deal. If you live in area 10 and book a June Salmon trip with Offshore Northwest we will donate a portion of the proceeds to PSA to try to make sure we don’t get screwed like this again.






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Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry
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