Offshore Northwest – Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing Charters

Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing Charter Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing

It has been a great weekend for Offshore Northwest’s Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing Charters. The evenings are better than the mornings right now because of the huge tide swings but there seem to be a lot of little schools all over the area.

Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing Charter

A typical June in the Gig Harbor area would generally be maybe one fish on a good day with most of the fish caught being local blackmouth. But, this year seems to be quite an exception. On Friday’s Gig Harbor Salmon Charter we had two great people who are kind of new to the area. We hooked four fish and landed three. One of the fish we landed was a wild returning Chinook which was released unharmed. We had a great time.


Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing Charter

Saturday morning brought us two new friends and some interesting challenges. There was a large tidal exchange so the current was just ripping most of the day. Strong currents make salmon fishing in the Gig Harbor area difficult as the fish tend to hunker down on the bottom and wait for the current to settle down. we were still able to scratch out one nice king salmon and you couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing

Come get on some of the best June salmon fishing we’ve seen in years. To book a trip with Offshore Northwest for Gig Harbor Salmon E-Mail here or call:



Lets Go Get Some!!!!
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