It’s the end of March. The weather is getting nicer and a young man’s fancy may turn to love but this middle-aged man has just one thing on his mind. TUNA!!!!

So yesterday we pulled the boat out, cleaned her up a bit and ran the engines for a while. Our Avet reels are having their annual maintenance (Thanks Mike) and we spent some time cleaning rods. We have a bit of re-wiring to do and some electronics to install but were getting very close to being ready for another season of carnage.


This year we are excited to add to our arsenal of American Made equipment with a half-dozen CUTCO fillet knives. The things that impressed me with the cutco knives are the quality and sharpness of the blades, the lifetime guarantee and that they are sold and serviced by a local rep.


If you would like more information on one day “Run and Gun” tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest please call.

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry
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