Seeker Rods

logoThe Seeker Fishing Rod Company is a “Made in America” brand where 100% of all Seeker composite blanks are built in-house in Long Beach, CA.  Each rod is taken from flat raw material and through a series of processes is turned into a fishing rod blank of ultra-high quality. Each Seeker finished rod is assembled by specially trained assembly technicians.  Whether it is the handle building stage, the wrapping, or the finishing, each step is taken carefully and by hand.  The team at Seeker is responsible for manufacturing the highest quality fishing rods available.

Seigler Reels

seiglerreels2Seigler Reels’ goal is to create reels that are among the lightest, strongest, and most competitively priced in the industry and carries a lifetime warranty. We use Seigler reels because they stand up to all species we fish for while being powerful enough to get them to the boat. Light and compact, these American-made reels are easy to rip jigs all day and land your trophy. We have worked with Seigler directly to ensure that these reels are up to our standards and able to hold up to our demanding standards.

Raymarine Electronics

raymarineWe run Raymarine navigation equipment as well as fishfinding sonar to put us on the fish. Raymarine has more than 80 years of history and experience in marine electronics, which is a legacy we are proud to have on board.

Fins Braided Lines

finsOur experience has shown us no single style of superline will be universally liked. That’s why we developed our line-up of situational braids, to offer anglers a choice depending on their situation and personal preferences. FINS offers five styles of fishing superlines, each one produced with genuine spectra fibers and manufactured in its plant located in Kentucky.

Parker Boats

parkerWhen you step aboard Beast Mode, our custom-built Parker sport cabin boat, you can enjoy the fully-enclosed cabin combined with a spacious fishing cockpit. We have a full bait tank on board to keep the chovies swimming on our way to the tuna grounds and the twin 300-horse-power Yamahas get us there fast. We have a full head on board as well as comfortable seating for the run in and out.

Yamaha Outboards

yamahaWith 600 horse power mounted to the transom, the Yamaha four stroke outboards are a reliable powerhouse that gets us to our favorite spots quickly and smoothly. We’re thankful to have the standards of outboards as the connection that gets us back to the dock.