Seeker Rods:

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The Seeker Fishing Rod Company is a “Made in America” brand where 100% of all Seeker composite blanks are built in-house in Long Beach, CA.  Each rod is taken from flat raw material and through a series of processes is turned into a fishing rod blank of ultra-high quality.  Each Seeker finished rod is assembled by specially trained assembly technicians.  Whether it is the handle building stage, the wrapping, or the finishing, each step is taken carefully and by hand.  The team at Seeker is responsible for manufacturing the highest quality fishing rods available.


Avet Reels:

All Avet Reels feature components precision machined in the USA from solid 6061-T6 marine grade aluminum, and solid stainless steel stock, with incredible strength and corrosion resistance engineered into their design. All Aluminum components are anodized for superior corrosion resistance, as well as beautiful finishes. Avet Reels are designed for easy take-down and maintenance, with no springs or small parts that “go airborne” and disappear during basic disassembly. Avet reels are not only built well, they perform. Our over-sized carbon fiber Avedrag Dry Drag System gives Avet Reels something no other lever drag reel has, an ultra smooth and powerful drag system with the ability to free spool at a full drag setting. Eight precision stainless steel ball bearings give Avet Reels incredible smoothness, increased casting distance, and superior free spool.

Fins Braided Lines:

Our experience has shown us no single style of superline will be universally liked. That’s why we developed our line-up of situational braids, to offer anglers a choice depending on their situation and personal preferences. FINS offers five styles of fishing superlines, each one produced with genuine spectra fibers and manufactured in our plant located in Kentucky.

Grizzly Coolers:

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This was a difficult find. A roto-molded cooler  made in the USA.

Grizzly Coolers are designed and priced to offer lifelong value.  They are available in multiple colors without added cost, come with a 2-inch drain, use latches with brass inserts and domestic-sourced hardware, and its hinge is integrated in the body.

Grizzly Coolers were designed to be a truly rugged piece of equipment for extreme fishing enthusiasts who want to get away for the weekend or longer.  The Grizzly Cooler line offers the perfect balance of durability and performance that is expected in an affordable, premium cooler.

Berkley Fluorocarbon:

Unlike nylon, fluorocarbon refracts light nearly identically to water. In addition, fluorocarbon lines are fast sinking due to higher density. Since fluorocarbons do not absorb water, they also maintain their original strength and abrasion resistance.

And yes, it’s made in Spirit Lake, Iowa by Americans.