After Christmas Magic – Westport tuna

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I promised a deal for the Christmas card people and here it is: This deal can only be had with the secret code on the back of the Christmas card I sent out this year. 253-380-9973 Book a Westport full boat charter for Salmon or Tuna before February 1st and get 10% off. That is [...]

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Westport one day Tuna Charter – The best last minute Christmas gift “EVER”!!

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It's not too late to get that special fisherperson the one thing they really want for Christmas. If there every was a perfect last minute gift for someone that loves to fish this is it. One day "Run and Gun" Is the coolest fishery in Washington State. This one is on everyone's bucket list. It [...]

You better watch out!!

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The Christmas cards went out today. Watch the mail your not going to want to miss it. When it arrives check the back for a secret code. We will be running a special after Christmas where you can use the code to get a deal on the most exciting Westport fishing adventure you can get. [...]

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Extended!!-Black Friday 2014, Westport Tuna style

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We are Extending this deal through Monday Dec 1st 2014.   Everybody is doing a Black Friday deal. People will be out trying to kill each other to get $20 off a TV or some other silliness. So here's mine. You don't even have to leave the house. No traffic, no tackling people and no [...]

Christmas Tuna

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You've all seen the commercial where one woman says to another "he went to Jarred" and they all get giggly. If you've got a fisherperson in your family and you want to give them a gift that will generate this kind of response, THIS IS THAT GIFT Westport tuna fishing is the most fun and [...]

2014 was AWESOME!!!!

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The season is over and as I look back at all the great trips we did and the wonderful people we met I cant help but smile and feel very satisfied. This year we did trips for Halibut from LaPush, Salmon from Westport and our featured one day tuna runs from Westport. To view the [...]

Open Boat Saturday 8-23-14

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I can't really believe it but my Saturday cancelled at the last-minute. This creates an incredible opportunity for anyone with a bunch of friends that want to go tuna fishing. The weather looks awesome and the fishing has been great. Oh, and did I mention it's a Saturday!!! All of my Saturdays have been booked [...]

Trips cancelled for 8-19 and 20, 2014

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We are cancelling the trips planned for Tuesday August 19 and Wednesday August 20th 2014 due to weather. I was able to contact the customers from Tuesday but have no contact information for the Wednesday trip so if you were booked on Wednesday August 20th, 2014 the trip has been cancelled and you need to [...]

The magic numbers

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OK so I'm going to try this and see how it works. Numbers for yesterday were 27/07. If you understand the way this is written you will know where we are going. I will not put these numbers out on the radio but i will tell you where I am in reference to them. Good [...]