When I was four years old we went to visit my grandparents at their place on Deer Lake. My grandmother taught me to fish for perch with corn kernels on egg hooks. My father carried me, sleeping, off the dock after dark and the next morning I couldn’t wait to do it again.

That is when the addiction took me.KerryShotgunTuna

I grew up on the shores of Hood Canal where I was the captain of an old 12-foot riveted aluminum row-boat. From this rig I learned to fish Rockfish, Salmon, Cutthroat and Crab. More importantly I learned about tide,  current and rudimentary navigation.  At 11, my Grandfather took me Salmon fishing at Westport on his charter boat and the world opened up for me. I started deckhanding for charters when I was 14 and worked most of every summer through high school on one boat or another. I absolutely loved the experience of running in the ocean, playing with the passengers and catching loads of fish. I knew then that this was what I wanted to do. In the 30 years since, nearly everything I have done has been focused on achieving this goal.

I toured the world in the Navy for a few years. Spent eight years in Colorado where I learned to enjoy trout fishing and dabbled in fly fishing a bit. But I was caught by the allure of the sea. Landlocked Colorado was a nice place to live but I had to get back to the salt.

Westport Tuna 020-2I returned to the Puget Sound in 1996 and immediately bought a boat and started following around people who know what they are doing. I learned how to fish Blackmouth and other species from some of the best captains in the Puget Sound area. I have spent the last 20 plus years fishing all around the Pacific Northwest learning fisheries from South Sound Blackmouth to Offshore Tuna.

I really enjoy learning new techniques and adopting them into the way I do things. I still attend several seminars each year from the people I respect in the business. I try to fish with people who are successful and am always trying to steal secrets.

Fishing is fun for me and as with anything fun it is better when shared.

Let’s go get some!!!!!