What an awesome day. We had my friend Nick and some of his crew aboard for a little tuna refresher and some awesome HUGE October albacore.

These big late season tunas have been a little finicky the last couple weeks going on and off the bite really fast. Proving that if you loose a fish you loose the school. They were also feeding a little weird in that we would have jumpers right next to the boat but couldn’t hook them up. We later found that they were eating larger feed than we were presenting but we found that the swim baits were working very well. so the technique we were the most successful with was to throw a swim bait and get some stirred up then chum HARD to keep them going.


We were almost out of time. We had slid in on my friend Jarred’s bait stop to finish what he had started (thanks Jarred and the All Rivers Charters team). We had two fish on, one was on a swim bait hooked casting on our awesome SEEKER G 6470-7′ spin rod on the bow and the other behind the boat and running, obviously a good sized tuna. Suddenly the tuna behind the boat shot to the surface and we saw the tail of a huge thresher shark ripping up the water about 15 feet behind the boat. I said “Holy crap look at that!!” and one of the passengers says “yea, and there’s another one over there”. Two threshers at the same time, I hadn’t seen one on the surface feeding like that all year and here were two within 100 yards of each other. Thankfully he didn’t get our tuna and we did so that was awesome. Then we got the bow fish up and it was a BIG shark. I thought it was a blue shark and was about to cut the line when it swam away like a dart, more like a dolphin or a pilot whale than a big lazy shark. Passenger starts yelling at me that it’s a Mako. I’ve never seen a mako up close so I get on the radio and call my buddy Darell from Far Corners Charters.

IMG_20151018_132427 (1)

Darell: “does it have a white belly and a pointy nose?”

me: “yup”

Darell: “that’s a Mako”

Me: “are they yummy and are they legal to keep?”

Darell: “Yes and Yes”

So I run out and put a gaff in his head. This made the shark very unhappy. Once we got him settled down a bit we put a tail rope on him and sliced his gills. Meanwhile the other clients are putting our last few baits in the water and two of them are hooked up on tuna. We caught a few more tuna, ran out of bait and decided to head in. We had to drag the shark backwards for a while to kill it and it was going to be a long ride home.


Turns out 20 minutes wasn’t enough dragging. We thought he was probably dead but when we got him up on the gunnel he started to shake that head with all those teeth and we decided to leave him be for a bit. I kept the gaff in his head and we let him flop around a short time, keeping well away. We finally ended up moving him astern and covering him with the kill bag. This worked OK as long as we kept the gaff in and the tail rope on. We got back, took a bunch of pics, cut him into steaks and the rest is history. I took home the tail because it is cool. Aaron took home the head to save the jaws. And everybody got a pile of mako steaks. Darell was right, they are yummy. A lot like swordfish. Mild firm white meat. We grilled it last night and everyone loved it. It’s tail was awesome because it has a knuckle at the end that makes it twitch. I have done a lot of research on Mako sharks in the last couple days and they are awesome. Mako sharks are one on the few predators tuna have, because they are one of the few that can keep up. It is believed that they evolved side by side so they have many similarities. The Mako has muscle meet that runs close to it’s spine like a tuna allowing it to attain high speeds with little effort like a tuna. Mako are also one of the few sharks with a urinary tract. So they don’t pee through their skin. This helps make them yummy. You can read more on Mako Sharks here.


Overall it was a good day. We didn’t get all our tuna but we got 80 lbs of Mako shark steaks

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry



Q: How many did you get?

A: Lots

A: all of them

A: enough

IMG_20150724_140951You may have noticed we have stopped answering this question. We are also trying to avoid the pictures of gratuitous piles of Albacore Tuna dead on the deck of our 28 foot Parker boat.

There are a few reasons for this but the most important is responsibility. Tuna fishing is like a drug. We all get caught up in the action and it is really hard to stop when you know you could get more. The “Take” is incredible. The pull at 30 mph is awesome. The entire experience makes you want to do it again and again. Unfortunately Albacore Tuna are warm-blooded animals and as such need to be bled and iced down right away or the meat is ruined for consumption. So we can only catch what we can ice and we can only carry a limited amount of ice.IMG951487

Secondly, we can only process so many in a reasonable amount of time. We are pretty good at it so we can do quite a few but there is a limit to what we can do here.

We also have the problem of perception. People watch us and can’t differentiate between albacore and endangered bluefin tuna. These people see us taking big numbers while restrictions are being placed on companies and people based on impact to “Tuna Stocks”. This is how we end up with limits and other restrictions.

The fact is Albacore tuna are natures perfect game fish. They have small stomachs and high metabolisms so they eat voraciously and often. They live a relatively short lifespan and breed like rabbits on the run. More on that here. The reality is Albacore tuna are one of the most sustainable fisheries on the planet, There are lots.

IMG_20150714_201814The biggest reason we don’t really want to talk numbers of fish anymore is that every angler is different. Every day we go out with six different anglers with varying degrees of experience and ability. Some days those anglers can catch 15 and be happy as heck to have had the opportunity and have a great time. Other days our anglers will fill the boat and they also have a great time. The important thing is everyone has a great time aboard the “Lucky Dog” with Offshore Northwest Charters. We are all about having fun and that can’t be measured by how many fish we caught.

So you will not see the pics of lots and lots of tuna anymore, well maybe occasionally. What you will see is lots and lots of happy anglers with big smiles and fish. I promise, there will be no shortage of fish pictures. It’s not about how many it’s about how much fun!!


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

Those that know us know that Capt. Brian goes to Guatemala every year to build houses for the impoverished peoplesBrianguatemala there. This is just one of the many things about him that makes me proud to have him on the team. This project is not cheep however and every year we scramble to try to raise enough money to get him there. This year we are going to try something different.

IMG_1528 We have Friday June 12th available for Salmon fishing aboard “Lucky Dog” with me and the world famous Montana Dave. For this trip we will have special pricing of $150/angler and all of the proceeds go to help get Capt. Brian to Guatemala to help those people. I am very excited about this. Please call as soon as possible because there are a limited number of seats.june62015

Let’s get this done!!

If you cant go fishing but you still want to help here is a link to donate:



Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

Rant on.

Gig Harbor Salmon Fishing

I just read the proposals from North of Falcon and apparently there will be no Chinook retention in Area 10 at all. I don’t know who was responsible for this but I don’t see how this can be considered a collaborative decision. And before you net ban people start getting fired up there will not be a non-tribal net fishery either so you can’t blame them. The good news is there are going to be lots of pinks to retain while you are catching and releasing all those nice kings. woopedy doo!!!

I am very disappointed. The process has let us down, again.

Rant off.

Gig Harbor Salmon charters

On the other hand our outlook off the coast of Washington is awesome and the same people that cut you guys off are increasing our quota over last year so we can expect another year of Banner Chinook fishing out of Westport.


To help my brothers and sisters from area 10 out I have decided I am going to offer a special deal. If you live in area 10 and book a June Salmon trip with Offshore Northwest we will donate a portion of the proceeds to PSA to try to make sure we don’t get screwed like this again.






Call today:


or press this button to be connected with me via Google Voice.

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

It’s the end of March. The weather is getting nicer and a young man’s fancy may turn to love but this middle-aged man has just one thing on his mind. TUNA!!!!

So yesterday we pulled the boat out, cleaned her up a bit and ran the engines for a while. Our Avet reels are having their annual maintenance (Thanks Mike) and we spent some time cleaning rods. We have a bit of re-wiring to do and some electronics to install but were getting very close to being ready for another season of carnage.


This year we are excited to add to our arsenal of American Made equipment with a half-dozen CUTCO fillet knives. The things that impressed me with the cutco knives are the quality and sharpness of the blades, the lifetime guarantee and that they are sold and serviced by a local rep.


If you would like more information on one day “Run and Gun” tuna fishing with Offshore Northwest please call.

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry


Westport Salmon charter trips will start for us June 5th though the 30th. We will be running as many trips as we can. We have already booked two Saturdays one Sunday and several other weekdays. If you have a date preference you better get crackin’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACost is $180/angler and includes Tax, all equipment, bait and tackle. And, as always, a nice boat ride with an awesome crew.




Call Today:



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Capt. Kerry

BIG Westport Chinook

Westport Chinook projections are in and they are better than last year. Let that sink in a minute……….

Westport Chinook

If you will remember last year was one of the best Westport Chinook salmon fisheries in the last 80 years. We had easy limits on plenty of fin clipped hatchery chinook and some nice coho too. This years projection has the coho number a little down from last year but the chinook number is higher. What this means for you is plenty of nice big, bright, lively and fat Westport chinook salmon to choose from. One of the great advantages of fishing on a smaller six pac boat is the opportunity to be selective in the fish we retain. With numbers like this we should be able to pick out some nice ones.

Please don’t hesitate. We have a limited number of trips available for Salmon in June before Tuna gets fired up in July so you’ll want to reserve your spot as soon as you can. This is especially true if you want a Saturday.

Please call:


Runs like this don’t come around very often. You need to get in on this.

Let’s Go Get Some!!


Capt. Kerry


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

That’s right boys and girls it’s that time again. We run the most exciting fishing trip in the state of Washington. One day “Run and Gun” tuna is awesome. We depart at first light from Westport Washington. Load up on live bait and run 35 miles offshore at 30 miles an hour to catch a boat load of the pacific northwest’s strongest, fastest and most sustainable game fish. Albacore Tuna.

This video was made on July 19th last year. As you can see July tuna fishing was off the hook in Westport and this year20150127_155519 promises to be more of the same. August is filling up quickly but there are still some great dates left in July.

To help you book a July tuna charter I am offering free tee’s for every member of your crew. Here’s the deal; book a one day “Run and Gun” tuna charter for 6 between now and February 28th and receive free tee’s for every member of your crew. That is a $120 value.

The best dates are going to go quick so push this button to call right now.


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Capt. Kerry

This is a test. I’m trying out a new phone system that I hope will help me track callers better and provide a better customer experience from start to finish.


If you choose to keep your number private I will probably send it to voice-mail until I figure this out.


Thanks let me know what you think

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