By: Kimber Roberts


Saturday, July 26th 2014 started early for me. I drove up to Westport Washington at 8pm the night before so I could get a quick 4 hour nap in and be fresh for the morning. It’s easy for me to get little to no sleep knowing I’m fishing the next day unlike knowing I’m going to work (funny how the mind works). I get up ready to go, no shower no rhyme or reason to my attire, slap a hat on and call it good. I drove a short distance to Westport marina Float 6 and was getting more and more excited. I could smell the air, it was crisp and salty with a hint of fishy success from previous days. It was warm and clear and beautiful with the sun making its way up for a glorious entrance.
I found the boat easily Offshore Northwest and was greeted by 6 gentlemen who instantly made me feel like one of the guys. Smiles and excitement was all on their faces. My captain Kerry Allen was very friendly and busy getting ready to shove off. Meanwhile we were getting to know each other and having great conversation and reminiscing on past fishing adventures.

It was time to leave, so we left the slip and made our way to the live bait station. They scooped up a few net-full of beautiful sardines and off we went. Leaving the marina was probably the best part, because it meant it was TIME TO FISH!!!. Again the weather was perfect. The bar crossing was calm and glassy and absolutely beautiful. We started to notice some random fish jump, some were Coho and some were Tuna. We decided to troll at 30 miles when we got the first screaming reel. We stopped and stared chumming. Kerry hooked a wiggly Sardine on my hook and showed me how to free spool it out so it looked like it was swimming, this was my first time doing this so he was very patient with me while instructing. I got my first bite then quickly lost it but found out that it was more than likely a shark since my hook was missing, that happened 4 more times .


Finally I got what felt to be a tuna bite; my line didn’t break so it was Fish On! I can’t really describe what a fighting tuna feels like but I can come close …..Pissed off salmon on steroids with a little freight train mixed in. I got my fish up enough where you can see color and shiny chrome. It’s very exciting to see this but don’t let it fool you, that fish is going to take you for another ride of noodled arms and panting. I got my first tuna of the trip to the boat and was warmed up now.


We fished for a while longer and kept getting shark bites then eventually no bites so we put out the trolling rods and headed out. Things got a little slow in the hunt for these guys, chatter on the radio seemed all the boats shared our frustration of finding them again. It’s pretty cool how most work together to help each other out. There is no secret fishing spot when it comes to tuna, so it was nice to see teamwork for a change. DEEPCOLORDuring the down time I got to chat and hang out with the crew and Kerry and talked about fishing and well fishing. A few hours went by and I was on high alert looking for that flash and splash of the chrome we were seeking. There were no birds and no sighs of them feeding on the surface at all. We continued to troll. Kerry had faith we would find them, he informed me they had high metabolisms and had to feed regularly to maintain their energy. FINALLY we all heard that beautiful sound of a screaming reel, Kerry stopped and we got the gear in as quickly as possible and started to chum immediately. They were jumping everywhere and we could see them under the boat swimming chasing the anchovies. We had two fish on almost right away! then three! We were going every which way.



Under and over then back again. It was organized chaos. I’m not sure how many fish we got to the boat at this point but it was like 16-20 on the deck. It was a blood bath! Kerry and his deck hand were great at keeping the tuna at the boat for us. I was re baited every time quickly so I could be in the water fishing. Gosh my arms were tired at this point I had to tap out for a min and Kerry nicely took my rod while I caught my breath. The sweet deal about my tap out was I got to gaff my own fish! I missed a few times but ended up getting him in the dorsal fin and swinging him into the boat. I guess you could say either good aim or bad aim hahaha but I got him in either way.


Alright, so it slowed down again and we switched back to trolling to see if we could find that pod again. It didn’t take long after I got cozy on the kill bag when another sweet sound of a screaming reel snapped me out of my delirium and it was FISH ON again!!!! This was the last and best stop of the day, Kerry threw out anchovies and the tuna were EVERY WHERE!! Jumping and darting all around us. We could tell this was our moment for an epic finish to the day. I’m pretty sure we had four fish on at once. Everyone was running back and forth, over and under and then back again. We landed fish after fish. I hooked one landed it and then as soon as I put my bait in the water I hooked another one!!! Holy moly my arms were gassed but I got it done. I think we pulled 16 fish out of that stop and Kerry had to stop us because we had no more room in the kill bags for more. I didn’t want to stop though, I tried the sad face and weaseled one more anchovy out of him but I didn’t get another bite. We ended up with 33 really big tuna!!!
All in all it was sunny and beautiful and we were all tired after that. We cleaned up and headed back to port. Kerry’s beautiful daughters met us there to help out with that carking. The girls did a great job and got us on our way soon after our return. I had a 4 hour drive home and was happy that all the work was done for me.



I honestly can’t wait to go again. I’m addicted for life now, I completely recommend Offshore Northwest for your next or first tuna trip!!!kimberfish2

Kerry, thank you for such an awesome trip and I will see you again!!!!!

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

The Christmas cards went out today. Watch the mail your not going to want to miss it. When it arrives check the back for a secret code. We will be running a special after Christmas where you can use the code to get a deal on the most exciting Westport fishing adventure you can get. If you don’t receive the card it’s because your not on the list. There is still time.


Fill out the customer registration form on the website and I will be sending out another batch Saturday. 

We are Extending this deal through Monday Dec 1st 2014.



Everybody is doing a Black Friday deal. People will be out trying to kill each other to get $20 off a TV or some other silliness.

So here’s mine. You don’t even have to leave the house. No traffic, no tackling people and no camping out in front of the store for a week in the cold.

Book a 6 pack Westport Tuna trip (with deposit) for July 2015 before Friday night November 28, 2014 at 9:00pm Pacific, and get not this years price but this years price -10%. That’s a six person trip in July for $1890. You will not see a lower price anywhere at any time from anyone on Westport Tuna. But you have to book and make the deposit by Friday at 9:00pm Pacific time.

Because of the immense popularity of this promotion

  We are Extending this deal through Monday Dec 1st 2014.

Here’s a little Gaff Cam video to fire you up a bit.

Don’t wait call now:


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

You’ve all seen the commercial where one woman says to another “he went to Jarred” and they all get giggly.

If you’ve got a fisherperson in your family and you want to give them a gift that will generate this kind of response,



Westport tuna fishing is the most fun and exciting fishery in the Pacific Northwest. We continually hear from people “I have been wanting to do this for years” or “I’ve always wanted to try this”. All these people need is a good excuse. You can give them that excuse.

What better gift for your friend or loved one than the Westport tuna fishing adventure they have always wanted. I guarantee this will be the gift they will be excited to tell their friends about.  They will start calling their friends to brag the same day.  Some of those friends will be excited for them, some will be jealous and others will try to jockey for position to be the one to go with them. And you get to be the person that gave them the adventure they have been after for a long time.

Call soon for best availability. You don’t even have to pick a date, just put down a deposit and we can set you up a gift certificate that will make you a hero. There are a limited number of these packages available so call today:


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

The season is over and as I look back at all the great trips we did and the wonderful people we met I cant help but smile and feel very satisfied.

This year we did trips for Halibut from LaPush, Salmon from Westport and our featured one day tuna runs from Westport.

To view the video right click and select show controls:

While in LaPush we caught our Halibut every open day and most days limits of lings also. We caught rock fish, China rock fish, and Cabazon. We had two Halibut over 75lbs and lots in the 30lb range. We were also treated to shows from Whales and some dolphins and Dahl’s Porpoise came to play. It was an awesome spring.


We moved to Westport in June and our salmon trips were off the hook. This years run was huge and we were

able to keep our customers on fish enough to be a little selective on what we caught. The problem with this kind of fishing is that, with these quick limits, the day’s end too early. Next year we hope to add a little value to that trip, assuming the fishing is as good, and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Then there was Tuna. This years tuna run was a little different from years past. It seemed we started hitting them in July and they were BIG!! We had some great days in July and August with a lot of windy days to challenge us a bit. We had a bit of a lull where we had to go a long way south to get them in September and there was some fear they were leaving for the year then BAM!! it came on like a light. Late September and October were awesome and some tuna were even caught in November this year.


We made new friends this year from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and even Texas. We learned valuable lessons about scheduling, teamwork and communication. We are automating a lot of our processes and streamlining to make things run smother and take out the guess-work we have been a victim of a few times.


This year was GREAT!! Next year is going to be even better. We are preparing some great things for our valued customers for next year and I really can’t wait to show people what is coming. Make sure to stay tuned or better yet sign up for the E-mail list on the right.

It’s gonna be BIG!!


It’s never too early to book for next year. Last year weekends went really fast so if you think you may need a Saturday you’ll want to get on that. The fact is we tripled the number of trips we did last year over the year before. Next year looks like it’s going to be even better so call as soon as you can to get the day you need.

Lastly there is still a little time to get signed up to receive the world-famous Offshore Northwest Christmas card. If you haven’t experienced the Christmas card just know my Christmas cards Kick Butt!!!
Get signed up for that by filling out the form below.

Good Fishin’
Capt. Kerry Allen

We’re On!!!

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

It’s late in the season, the tuna are HUGE!! and closer than they have been all season.

Now is the time to go get some!!


In September it was starting to look like the season was going to end early. We were traveling a long way to get smallish fish. But that all changed about a week ago. We started getting some south wind and the warm water got pushed up closer and BAM!! were up to our necks in big tuna.


Now we have a bunch of days we have to fill in October to finish this season in a big way. Good news for you.


From now till Oct 15th, or when the weather ends our season, all seats are $350 (regularly up to $400) or get the full boat for $2000).


So you have the most and biggest fish of the year at the best price. There is no better time to fish tuna in Washington state. Yes you can have it all. But don’t wait. These dates are limited, obviously, and get sold out.

Call, text or yell real loud:



I’m not kidding, do it now!!!


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry


Yes boys and girls we are still in the tuna and it is looking like it’s going to get nothing but better for the next couple weeks. We have been holding off on October to see what this goofy weather was going to do to us but now it appears the southwest wind is finally blowing a bit offshore and the tuna water is headed back to our neck of the woods.


We never really lost the bite we just had to go a long way to get them for a while. That should get better as the warm water moves northeast into Washington and with it come these veracious feeding Albacore tuna. October tuna can be some of the most fun to catch as they are schooled up and feeding like crazy so when we find a school we can often stay on them for a long time.


We have a lot of dates available because as I stated we were holding off on October but now is the time to act.

Call right away for the best availability:


This is your last and best chance to get on this awesome fishery.

Available dates for September are: (subject to change)

Sept 22, 2 seats

Sept. 25, 2 seats

Sat. Sept 27th 1 seat (Call Quick this one will go fast)

Lots of October dates also

Don’t wait, don’t think about it don’t miss out. Do it now.

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry


I can’t really believe it but my Saturday cancelled at the last-minute. This creates an incredible opportunity for anyone with a bunch of friends that want to go tuna fishing. The weather looks awesome and the fishing has been great.

Oh, and did I mention it’s a Saturday!!!

All of my Saturdays have been booked since April.

Don’t wait, this one will sell out fast. All seats $350.


Call (253)-380-9973


Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

We are cancelling the trips planned for Tuesday August 19 and Wednesday August 20th 2014 due to weather.

I was able to contact the customers from Tuesday but have no contact information for the Wednesday trip so if you were booked on Wednesday August 20th, 2014 the trip has been cancelled and you need to call me ASAP at




Capt. Kerry

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry


OK so I’m going to try this and see how it works.

Numbers for yesterday were 27/07. If you understand the way this is written you will know where we are going.

I will not put these numbers out on the radio but i will tell you where I am in reference to them.

Good Fishin’

Lets Go Get Some!!!!
Capt. Kerry

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